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The Interconnection of Spirituality & Political Thought Pt.1

It is because of this liberal seduction that many Bible believing, tongue talking Christians can worship Jesus and still vote in favor of abortion. This is the cognitive dissonance that many believers have.

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JOHN MEETS DON: A Crisis of Christianity and Political Culture

As should be obvious the Lord’s answer was “yes”. The response by many in the Christian community presents a shocking reality, one that personally saddens me. As we have crucified the seemingly widely beloved pastor John Gray and others we have indirectly suggested that engaging in conversation (meaningful and with reformative motives) is something that is synonymous with compromise and this, quite frankly, is a false view. 

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The Political Evolution of Kanye West: FROM KATRINA TO COON?

West claims that he is looking to start a dialogue, delivering a succession of tweets to his nearly 30 million followers, it’s seems that he is doing just that; sparking dialogue and provoking thought among colleagues and constituents alike. This is ever a developing story. For we are in the midst of a political revolution in which political correctness and brash, close-minded conservatism is colliding.