BREAKING: The transcript of President Trump’s (@POTUS) first call with President Zelensky has been released #ImpeachingHearings


BREAKING: The transcript of @POTUS’s first call with President Zelensky has been released, and it clearly vindicates @realDonaldTrump. In this section (below), he is agreeing to a meeting with no preconditions whatsoever. #ImpeachingHearings

“The President took the unprecedented steps to declassify and release the transcripts of both of his phone calls with President Zelensky so that every American can see he did nothing wrong,” WH Press Sec Stephanie Grisham emailed to reporters.

Schiff responds to the Trump-Zelensky first call memo: “I would now ask the president to release the thousands of other records that he has instructed the State Department not to release, including Amb. Taylor’s notes, including Amb. Taylor’s cable, including George Kent’s memo.”

I say stop fishing! It appears the Democrats have no smoking gun—no clear evidence. What are your thoughts?