BLACK MEN FEED DC: The Reimagining of the Black Male


On Saturday, November 9th I had the privilege of covering 10 for 10 Black Men Feed D.C! This event founded by Howard University junior, Peter Lubembela was designed to unite all the Howard Univeristy’s male organizations and students in order to make 500 plus sandwiches to distribute to the greater DC metro area homeless population community. Black Men Feed DC is a unique service opportunity for the DC male population, built on the ideas of community and fellowship.

The camaraderie, brotherhood and genuine desire to serve filled the building. Personally, it was the first time I saw other black men in this context. The stereotype pushed by much of the mainstream media establishment of black men as “hardened”, uncaring and even violent was debunked in full force this past weekend. I watched black men from different types of backgrounds and locations come together helping, assisting, serving and loving each other.

Howard men came together; arose to the occasion to serve the homeless of DC.

In the District, as of May 2019, 6,521 people were counted as homeless, whether single adults or in families, and whether in a shelter, temporary housing, or outside. While family homelessness has decreased to 11.8 percent since 2018, helping to mark a 45.3 percent drop in family homelessness since 2016 there is still a great need.

It is in understanding the work to be done and a desire birthed out of Peter’s personal notice of the gross need that this initiative was created; his actions aligned with his beliefs and he brought other black men on board.

  @jayshakurshow  talking with Mr. Howard University, Grant Robertson
@jayshakurshow talking with Mr. Howard University, Grant Robertson

This initiative, unlike anything I’ve ever seen, provides the opportunity to better not only the Howard male population but to enrich the Black community of the greater DC area as well. I challenge readers to reimagine “the black man”. He isn’t what you’ve totally thought and now, more than ever, he is reemerging; in strength, truth, and service.

View some of my conversations with Black Men Feed DC volunteers below: